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Aliens and Strangers Clothing Co. was formed out of a major belief in the Christian faith. This is not home. Eternity is heading our way and that should affect how we live in the "Now". I never went on a mission trip because I thought that was for the "Elite Christian". But 1 Peter 2:11-12 tells us we are all to live as Aliens and Strangers, doing good to others until we go home.

For this reason our brand culture is about serving others. Our tees will be funding different mission efforts to advance the kingdom. Whether through art or social justice we will serve people and proclaim the Gospel until we go home. We believe Jesus is for everybody, if this is true missions is for everybody. Join us in a journey that is #Outtathisworld!

I’m Ed Mejia the owner of A&S Clothing Co. Husband to Maggie and father of three awesome kids Joseph, Eli and Olivia. I was born in Honduras and I grew up in Brooklyn NY with a love for Hip Hop and music in general. My family was living here illegally for most of my life, so it was hand me downs and Converse for me since money wasn’t always there. So feeling like I never fit in was the norm for me and Creativity became an outlet for me.

Jesus & Hip hop played a big role in my upbringing. I loved art but making a difference mattered to me as well. As I started working on finding a name for the business, I remembered a verse in 1 Peter 2:11-12 that spoke of living in this world as Aliens and Strangers. Doing good works that even when others call it evil it would point to someone greater. That hit home and I never looked back. Everyone wants to do good even when they don’t have life figured out. I believe love is #outtathisworld and our purpose is to point people to HIM.

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